Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Final Fantasy

Today culminates one of the best leagues ever conceived this millennium, - The Guwapings Fantasy NBA! Never heard, huh? Of course. It is a virtual and private leagued hosted by Yahoo! This very innovative Yahoo! service gives a whole new light to internet gaming as it emcompasses constant research, strategy formulation and marketing skills as well. How?

Before I dig in, let me give you some info on what I am talking about. Yahoo! fantasy enables its subscribed users to create and/or join fantasy leagues. I, together with my officemates created a virtual NBA league so let' focus on basketball (Yahoo also caters other sports like baseball, golf, auto-racing, hockey and the likes). The league creator (whom we called The Commissioner) has the option to make the league private or public, and can choose the scoring type - either head-to-head or Rotisserie (The Commissioner opted for this option). Each member then becomes virtual team managers. Before the start of the NBA 2006 season, each manager can choose (from the draft and pool of existing NBA players) his players. The start of the real NBA league also becomes the kick-off date of its virtual counterparts. Daily scoring then follows, dependend on the result of the official games. Just search Yahoo! Fantasy Sports for more info coz I'm bound by time constraints as of the moment.

Here are my points earlier:
1. constant research - Sports fanatics obviously have the upper hand, but one has to be updated every now and then to be able to realize individual player's statistical trends, injuries, trades, and other factors which might affect your 'team'.
2. strategy formulation - for basketball, a team is allowed a total of 14 players, and only 11 is allowed to play for a single play date. Thus, you have to shuffle your players constantly, since teams does not play everyday, and positions and slots are limited (3 guards, 3 forwards, 2 centers and 2 utility players). Those 11 active players for the day are the only ones who will garner points for the day (at the early part of our league, I haven't noticed that some of my 'franchise' players were 'benched' which cost me a lot!).
3. personality development - as team manager, you have the option to trade your existing player(s) with free agents and other teams' players as well. In order to get the jucier end of the bargain, you have to use your wits and ingenuity to convince the other party to proceed with the trade.

Having said all that, I've realized that Yahoo! is focusing more on web socialization after the advent of Web 2. "Yahoo! is focusing instead on 'social search,' in which everyday Internet users pool their knowledge to create alternative systems of content that deliver more relevant results - which, of course, can be monetized." (Time, Feb 2006)

The world is creating content of its own. A website owner needs only to create a vibrant community who will feed the content, and the site can evolve on its own (well, with some minor tweaks and turns of course), and sustain its leverage with regard to search engine rankings.

My Yahoo! Fantasy NBA League rank - No 2. Not bad!

Awesome tool this is! try it out sometimes!


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hi edcellgavin,
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have a good day!

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