Tuesday, April 18, 2006

a grammatical thingie

Im not a MassComm graduate nor have a good command of the English language, but I think I have a habit of 'catching' people who suddenly utters grammatically erroneous statements - myself included. I'm not that goood in grammar either and occassionally am guilty of similar mistakes. I guess I think I formed the habit when I was still working in Speechpower as (what the management coined back then) an Information Secretary. I was one of the lucky recipients to attend the company's staff trainings which are as invaluable as the iblog2 summit. Although, I have to admit that after I shifted my career in IT, I was not able to apply those learnings anymore onto my everyday routines.

One of the most common prepositional phrases I encounter everyday is 'with regards to.' I think I heard that a dozen times in yesterday's summit. Correct me if Im wrong, but I understand that it should 'with regard to' without the (s). If you're fond of appending s's, then try mumbling 'as regards to' in place of the former. Well, the phrase always struck me since I used to say the same, and was repeatedly corrected by my colleages.

Another very obvious mistake is redundancy - free gifts, more bigger, etc. But what I'm concerned is when we tend to speak in Taglish. I heard someone yesterday saying 'pinaka latest'. I guess that also falls into the category. It seems to be OK, but after a while, you'd think it over again if it was valid or not. Not sure with this one, though.

A dull piece of writing not worth reading, isn't it? Nevertheless, I just want to voice out my thoughts. Just my two cents...


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